Mr Trampoline


Q. Why are your trampolines so much better than others?
A. We use a solid steel frame which is hot dip galvanised after all the welding & works are completed. Our frame should last 50-60 years.

Q. Why don’t you have nets around your trampolines?
A. Nets are only on toy trampolines. Unfortunately small toy trampolines have become smaller & smaller over the years so that they can be cheaper & cheaper for the big companies to sell. A small trampoline is a dangerous trampoline. The nets are perceived to make them safer, when in fact, the nets are made from inferior products that deteriorate in the sun and will fail at the least opportune time. If kids get used to nets, they will eventually end in an accident, without nets they will learn to bounce in the middle.

Q. How heavy are your trampolines – mine blew away in a storm?
A. Our complete trampolines weigh about 250kg, they are not likely to disappear in a strong wind.

Q. What weight can they hold?
A. Steelfast trampolines can carry up to 2,000kg, so one can hold up to 15 adults. Although we do not recommend too many at once for safety reasons. We recently had a client ring who had the builder’s apprentice drive his car over the in ground trampoline, except for the damage done by the melting exhaust pipe, the mat would have been fine!

Q. Can we assemble above ground ourselves?
A. Absolutely – although we do not suggest you try late Christmas Eve, because it can take a while! We will give all of the detail required to make it as easy as possible, we also give contact numbers and often talk people through assembly over the phone.

Q. Can we install in ground ourselves?
A. Absolutely, we can do as much or as little or none at all – of the installation we will give all of the detail needed and can also be contacted directly if you get stuck during the process.

Q. Why are your trampolines so expensive?
A. We build our trampolines so an extremely high standard, sadly this comes at a price. Many have tried and claimed to supply trampolines like ours, but we see our frames from the 1960′s and 1970′s still use. We never see others lasting that long.

Q. Why should I paint my bounce mat?
A. The 2 string trampoline mat itself is not UV stable. We coat our mats with a rubberised chlorinated swimming pool paint. This is flexible & long lasting, if you re-coat every 3-4 years, you should get 15-20 years life out of your mat.
If you never paint it, you may get 10-12 years usage. We have a customer who paints her family’s trampoline every year – it is 54 years old. This is testament to the benefits of maintenance.

Q. Can I put an above ground trampoline in-ground at a later date?
A. Yes you can, just let us know your plans so we supply all the bits needed to simplify this process in the future.
If you have our in-ground model – this trampoline cannot be simply made above ground without some factory modifications.

Q. Do you install outside Victoria?
A. We have been Melbourne based since 1947, we install all over Victoria, but we send our trampolines all over Australia and the World. We have not had an issue yet with a builder, landscaper, handyman or DIY household not being able to complete an installation.

Q. Do you sell other types or cheaper types?
A. No – we have made the decision to only manufacture and sell ‘real’ trampolines. We do not sell or offer toy trampolines, nor do we carry spares for toy trampolines. All our trampolines are olympic competition standard with an unmistakable deep, soft controllable bounce.