Mr Trampoline


‘Built with superior quality materials we expect our tramps to last 25 years’
– Adam Richards (MrTrampoline)

‘We’ve had our trampoline for 18 years, its still used by the kids and their friends. My kids are now older teenagers – they still love it. Once you’ve bounced on a Mr Trampoline, there’s no going back’
– Sarah Jessup (Armadale)

‘I wish to commend Adam Richards of MrTrampoline who recently installed a full size trampoline at my Armadale house.’
– Irvin Rockman (Armadale)

‘They were the best trampolines they’d ever seen! They were so bouncy, jumping on them was heaps of fun!’
– Daniel & Tracey Alderman (Gundiwindi Lodge, Wandin Victoria)