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Tips For
Trampoline Buyers

There are a wide range of trampolines on the market, some very good, some not, and it makes sense to ask yourself a few questions before purchasing your trampoline.

Broadly speaking, trampolines have 3 price ranges.

1. Premium trampolines

These are the heavy duty rectangular trampolines. They are strong, individually strung trampolines with a deep, soft controllable bounce. These trampolines are built to very high standards and have a ‘professional’ bounce. They remain challenging forever and the sporty and competitive trampolinists love them.

2. Mid-range trampolines

These trampolines are popular as they represent value for money – but their life span is limited. You must ensure to buy from a company with excellent spare parts and after sales service.

3. Budget range trampolines

Only buy these trampolines from a reputable manufacturer where you can be sure of the quality and after sales service. It is common to hear stories from customers who bought a cheap trampoline, only to find that the quality was poor and unfortunately found themselves back in the market for a new trampoline after a short space of time.

Safety issues

Safety is paramount. Always ensure adequate supervision, especially with younger children.

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Rectangular Trampolines

If you want performance and serious airtime always choose a rectangular trampoline. Rectangular trampolines are individually sprung and have a deep, soft controlled bounce. Before you buy, think carefully about who will use the trampoline, for what purpose and for how many years.

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In Ground Trampolines

Considered by many to be the best and safest option in trampolining. Not all trampolines are suited to be installed in the ground. Mineral salts and ground water combine to rust inferior steel. Ensure to choose hot dipped galvanised heavy duty framework and springs.

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Round Trampolines

Some round trampolines are cheap to purchase. They have a harder, less powerful bounce. If you or your children are used to bouncing on a more traditional rectangular trampoline, you could be disappointed by the limited bounce.

Commercial trampolines

Trampoline parks, gymnasiums and recreational centres always use rectangular top-of-the-range trampolines because their springs and quality construction produces a quicker response and a more powerful lift.

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Some factors to consider

Who is going to use it?

Just you and your children, and their friends? Don’t forget older brothers & sisters or other members of your extended family. Will it be used by adults? Make sure the weight limitations cater for your requirements.

What are the users’ expectations?

Remember that children grow rapidly. Will the trampoline be the right size or have the right bounce for them in 2 or 3 years time? Is it really just the children that are going to use it? Teenagers love to show off on trampolines and adults cannot resist the urge to ‘have a quick bounce!’

Trampoline Spare Parts

Always make sure that you are able to buy spare parts for your trampoline. Our experience shows that preventative maintenance is far less painful than forced maintenance. You will need to buy springs and/or pads to keep your trampoline in good working order. In general, cheaper trampolines have a greater maintenance need. Ensure you buy from a company that has a quality after sales and spare parts service.

Guarantees and Warranties

Guarantees and warranties vary according from each manufacturer and may be different for different parts of the trampoline. If your trampoline is being delivered by courier / post, make sure you check thoroughly before using.