Mr Trampoline


BounceBall is fun for the whole family.

It is great entertainment and easy to install or pack away. BounceBall brings another dimension to trampolining. Mr Trampoline BounceBall products are heavy duty and designed to last.

Rules of BounceBall

The game is fun for all ages and is played exclusively on a trampoline.
The rules are similar to those of beach volleyball – only the server can win a point.

For 2 Players

    Decide how many points you want to play to (5 points is a great place to start).
    Toss a coin to see who serves first.
    Begin to jump in unison. Both players will count out 3 synchronized bounces and the game begins.
    The server lobs the ball over the net. The receiver must catch the ball and throw it back over before touching the trampoline.
    NOTE: Beginners are allowed one bounce with the ball.

Earn points by:

  • Forcing your opponent to touch the trampoline while holding the ball.
  • The ball touching the trampoline on your opponent’s side.

Lose the point by:

  • The ball landing outside the trampoline.
  • Not returning the ball over the net.

Once a point has been won, the players begin the synchronised jump again and the ball is put back into play.