Trampoline Skills

Trampoline Skills

Trampoline Skills – Fun to learn

Before you bust some extreme moves, it’s important to learn the basic bounce.
This will give you balance and confidence to progress through the skill levels.
Supervision is recommended when practicing new skills.



The jumps

Straight Jump: Hold the body straight and lift the arms above the body at the top of the jump. Bring them to your side when bouncing off the mat. Keep legs straight. Start with a medium bounce and gradually go higher.

Tuck Jump: Just like the straight jump except the knees are pulled up to the chest and the hands briefly grasp the legs at the height of the jump.

Pike Jump: Again using a straight jump, except as you approach the height of the jump, extend your legs in front of you, parallel to the trampoline with the arms reaching forwards to the pointed toes.

Straddle Jump: Similar to the pike jump except that the legs are spread sideways approximately 90° apart and the arms reach forward to the pointed toes.


The drops

Seat Drop: Landing in a seated position with legs straight, toes pointed and with the hands supporting the body on the mat.

Seat Drop Twist: Perform a seat landing, bounce and swivel the hips to perform a half twist in the air and land another seat drop facing in the opposite direction.

Back Drop: Landing on the upper part of your back with straight legs at about 90° to your body.

Tummy Drop: Landing horizontally on the bed, face down, with the arms bent and slightly in front of the face. The legs should be bent slightly at the knee but otherwise held in tension for a good bounce.

The forward somersault

Hands and Knees 3/4 Somersault: Bounce to your knees with hands supporting on the mat, flip yourself in a forward somersault movement, with your feet rotating over your head, to land in either Back Drop or Seat Drop and then bouncing to your feet.

Feet to Back Drop 3/4 Somersault: Bouncing on your feet, rotate in a forward somersault movement using hands and body, with your feet rotating over your head, to land on your upper back and then using core muscles to bounce back to your feet.

Front Somersault: Bouncing with enough height to complete one full rotation, rotate in a forward somersault movement improving the flip rotation by grabbing hold of your knees, and land in the upright position.

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