A Culture of Quality

A Culture of Quality

Over 70 Years of Trampoline manufacturing


The best trampoline for you is one that will last, providing a great safe bounce forever. What better sign of reliability than the longevity of the manufacturer! How many others can boast that trampolines they built 40 years ago are still doing well in salty coastal air? Ask us about Lorne (Victoria).

Lionel Duffin made his first trampoline in 1949 under the Steelfast brand. Then Mr Trampoline and Steelfast joined together in 2007.
By continually improving design, materials and techniques, we have made our trampolines the finest available.

Confidence in a perfect bounce

We use the best materials and manufacture to the highest standards perfectly designed trampolines. So we can guarantee the quality of all our in-ground trampolines and above ground trampolines.

Whether you aim to be an Olympic champion or simply want endless hours of safe enjoyable bounce, you like us can be confident they are the best trampolines in Australia.

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