Two-string performance beds

Two-string performance beds

Designed in 1949 in Melbourne, MrTrampoline two-string performance beds are the original woven trampoline beds and to this day maintain their position on the global stage as the most in demand, highest performance and longest life commercial and competition trampoline beds available.

Our woven beds are still hand-made in Melbourne from a 3×3-ply yarn to one of our standard sizes and can also be custom made to suit unique frame and spring combinations.

Our original loom is unchanged and still in working operation and has been complimented alongside some modern weaving equipment to keep our high quality beds produced with the precision and reliability on which we forged our name – the original Aussie two-string trampoline bed.

Our unique moving bed static yarn looms with reverse-woven design allows for a twist-free trampoline bed void of any weakness from stitching or hemming and are the only trampoline beds worldwide with these unique edges. Our round-thread open weave material is built for maximum performance air-flow and feel and are repairable if small breaks do occur.

The use of looped and not stitched or clipped hanger clips allows for the longest and highest rated trampoline springs available, our hanger clips are transferrable from one bed to the next.

Our 3×3-ply double woven beds are coated with a flexible rubberised paint which offers long life and can be re-coated to increase the lifespan of the beds. Designed for the harsh Australian sun, our rubberised coating allows for extremely durable wear and is suitable for both commercial indoor and extreme outdoor applications. Permanent outdoor installations enjoy a normal bed life of over 15 years.


Our trampoline beds come in three different sizes:

Family: 3660 x 1830mm (12′ x 6′)

$2,680 (incl gst)

4270 x 1830mm (14′ x 6′)

$3,025 (incl gst)

Olympic Elite:
4270 x 2130mm (14′ x 7′)

$3,300 (incl gst)


Contact us today for any enquiries or orders of our two-string performance trampoline beds.

We do offer custom sizing, a range
of colours and customised top-coat
graphics for commercial customers.

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