Two-string Trampoline Performance Beds

Two-string Trampoline Performance Beds

Two-string Trampoline Performance Beds

AUD $2,680.00AUD $3,300.00


2-string performance woven beds are available off the shelf in 3 sizes:

Family: 3660 x 1830mm (12′ x 6′)
Olympic: 4270 x 1830mm (14′ x 6′)
Olympic Elite: 4270 x 2130mm (14′ x 7′)

All of our 2-string woven beds come complete with stainless steel hanger clips* to the edge of the bed in the following patterns:

Family: 32 x 17
Olympic: 38 x 17
Olympic Elite: 38 x 19

Standard colours are blue and green. Please contact us for additional colour options (limited colours are available, $200 for non-standard colours).

* Hanger Clips are the steel bars that attach the string loops of the bed to the springs

Please contact us for a different hanger clip configuration.

It may be possible to re-use your existing hanger clips and save some money, please contact us to find out how.

If your bounce bed is different to our 3 standard sizes, please supply us with:

a) length and width of your frame from where your springs attach (i.e. internal length and width of your frame, or, where the holes for your springs are drilled),
b) the length of an unstretched spring including the hook on each end,
c) the number of springs along each side and each end of your bounce bed.

Additional information

Weight15 kg
Dimensions70 × 40 × 15 cm

Family, Olympic, Olympic Elite


Blue, Green