Outdoor activities are great uplifters

The Outdoors Improve Your Mood

Research has proven that a simple 40-minute walk outdoors in nature can seriously de-stress you and recharge your batteries. That simple walk or jog acts as a circuit-breaker, taking your mind away from your concerns. And your mood keeps improving afterwards. You, your family and friends will enjoy the benefit of this brighter perspective on life.

If you have not got the time for a 40-minute walk or a 30-minute run, 10 minutes bouncing high on the trampoline will provide an effective concentrated activity period. And it is fun; Jumping on a trampoline is mood-enhancing naturally; it makes you happy, that is something we can all use right now.

You Boost Your Brain Power

Additionally many people are able to concentrate better after some active time outdoors. So if you, like many, are using this holiday time to set your strategy and action plan for the year, get out of the house, in your backyard or further and get active! Your mind will concentrate better on starting 2021 on a high for your personal life and your professional life, making good resolutions that are sustainable.

And Strengthen Your Health

Let’s admit it, some of us like to indulge in a bit too much good food at this time of the year! So after all the year end celebrations (however quieter they may be this year), jumping on a trampoline can be a good way to relax during the holidays and detoxify our bodies.

As it pushes the toxins out of our system, stimulates our body and improves circulation, we can enjoy a healthier start of 2021. The virus hasn’t gone away, aiming to strengthen our immune system in every possible way could be a smart move.

Rediscover Happy Times With Family and Friends

We don’t need large gatherings to have fun. A simple picnic or barbecue, or eating roasted marshmallows and telling stories around a little campfire can be quite relaxing. So is watching the kids jump on a trampoline, proudly displaying the new tricks they have just learnt… And why not have a go too?
It is a great way for the family to enjoy being together, outside!

Think enjoyment and remember safety 

Your mental and physical well-being starts with doing things that you love, and are healthy fun. Choose what makes it exciting for you to get out of bed, what puts a spring in your step.

Our 2020 lifestyle has meant we have spent a huge amount of time using our computers and smartphones. Now is a good time to stay away from the computer screen and the smartphone apps. By reducing screen-time we give our eyes a well-deserved rest and we lower the tension often built-up by social media, and the media in general, that tend to amplify bad news.

Take the opportunity to swap these damaging activities for some refreshing trampoline fun. It will help put things in a new higher perspective. And you can easily make your trampoline activities Covid-safe.