Trampoline Options

Trampoline Options

In-ground or above ground trampoline, it is your choice

Many consider In-ground trampolines as the best and safest option in trampolining. They are the option we recommend in most situations. They also make it easier for everyone to enjoy a quick bounce to get energised and happy. As our Olympic standard trampolines do not need a safety net, they also blend in better in an attractive garden. They also make it easy for everyone to learn safe bouncing techniques.

Are you expecting to move often or to modify your property? Do you still want your family to enjoy the best trampoline in Australia? Then, our above ground trampolines are right for you. Very heavy and stable, they are safe yet easily movable to different positions on your property or your next one

NOTE: With some minor modifications these trampolines can transform and be installed as in-ground trampolines.

Highest quality build

Whichever type of trampoline suits your needs, all our trampolines are guaranteed and built to last. Choose in-ground or above ground, select the size, and our trampolines’ quality and performance will create the magic you want fo0r your family.

Did you know that you will get the same trampoline performance as you enjoy at commercial trampoline parks such as BounceInc? That’s true, that is the quality and performance of all our trampolines.

We manufacture to the highest standards, and we install only the very best trampolines, fittings and safety mats. Our trampolines are designed for permanent outdoor installation and feature:

  • Highest quality terylene woven mat (important for a deep, soft bounce)
  • All-weather rubber based undercoat on the woven mat (for longevity)
  • Heavy duty 11″ springs (for a deep, soft controllable bounce)
  • High quality padding and rubber surrounds for safety
  • Hot dipped galvanised RHS steel frame (will not rust even in coastal areas)

Note: In-ground trampoline Installation normally takes between 2-4 days depending on soil texture and location.