A Great Bounce

A Great Bounce

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A culture of quality

Since 1949 we have been building and refining rectangular trampolines to be the very best available. We only produce Olympic standard trampolines. Others cut corners on quality to achieve a price range. We definitely produce the best built trampoline in Australia.

Here’s how we build our high performance 2 string trampolines:

Large heavy duty coiled springs

Our 11 inch spring helps produce a deep, soft controlled bounce. The cheaper smaller imported spring produces a short, sharp, stressed bounce. They also support less weight and have a shortened life span.


Springs hook into the clips and connect the mat to the frame. Our larger clips are designed to distribute weight evenly. Obviously the smaller clips are weaker, but they also concentrate stress to a small area. This produces more wear and tear to the mat.

Heavy duty framework

Framework and springs are crucial to a trampoline. We use a heavy duty rectangular framework, others use the cheaper, weaker tube framework. Our springs attach to high tensile steel. They are longer and closer together – this produces a quality bounce. Cheaper trampolines use a drilled hole which tears and creates rust and weakening issues on the frame.

Framework corners

Our RHS frame is designed for a long life. It is very strong and built to withstand harsh Australian weather conditions. Rounded finer frames have a tendency to rust and wear thin where the steel has weakened – often where welded or shaped.

Heavy duty framework

Our solid leg sockets guarantee long life and are hot dipped galvanised – which is far superior to the painted galvanising of cheaper trampolines.

Woven 2 string trampoline mat

The highest quality terylene 2 string woven mats are coated with all-weather rubber based top coat to give it a long life. The 2 string woven mat produces a deep, soft and less stressful bounce. The harder more inflexible black mats produce a shorter, sharper, jarring bounce and normally weaken and fray at the sewn hem.

5 year old legs

The comparison images show one of our legs taken from a trampoline approximately 5 years old. It is virtually rust and wear free. On the other hand the thinner poorer quality imported steel legs that competitors use has weakened from 5 years in the Australian elements.

Pads for protection

Well made pads that surround the trampoline to cover springs and framework are essential for protection against mishaps.