Trampoline Make Over & Maintenance Check

Trampoline Make Over & Maintenance Check

Trampoline Make Over & Maintenance Check


As a general rule, our trampolines are low maintenance – but like any outdoor product, they require a ‘preventive check’ after some years of use.


A mat & maintenance makeover includes:

  • Painting the mat both sides: We use a premium, heavy duty, UV coated, rubberised, custom formulated paint. NOTE: The mat requires painting every 3-4 years or when the ‘jump zone’ starts to show some wear.
  • Clean out the pit: Has it been years since the last clean out?
  • Remove all rubbish
  • Maintenance check: Have you had your trampoline for 3-4 years?


A thorough maintenance check includes:

  • Check the mat for holes, tears and any warning signs
  • Check all loops are connected to the hanger clips
  • Check the condition of the rubbers & padding
  • Check the springs and spring count to make sure there are none missing or broken or showing signs of stress.

Contact MrTrampoline for a price on a Mat & Maintenance Makeover. The benefit of a MrTrampoline expert doing the maintenance check is that we have an experienced eye and will undergo any repairs on the spot. Of course you can do your own maintenance check. If you discover a missing clip or feel your mat needs a paint, email us your shopping list and we will mail out the parts and materials you require.

‘Built with superior quality materials we expect our trampolines to last 25 years’  – Adam Richards (MrTrampoline)

Contact Mr Trampoline to discuss.

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